Sandrine Heijnen presents her PhD project at the ActiveMatter online meeting, 10 September 2020

During the first official ActiveMatter meeting, on the 10th of September, all Early Stage Researchers got a chance to present their project. During this meeting Sandrine Heijnen, ERS at University College London, introduced herself and her project in a short presentation. Sandrine’s presentation as well as all of the other ESR’s are now published on our Youtube channel.

Sandrine Heijnen, ERS at University College Londen, presents herself and her work on emergent collective behaviours for active particles with tunable interactions.

ActiveMatter PIs+ESRs Online Meeting on 10 September 2020

The ActiveMatter PI+ESRs meeting took place on 10 September 2020. Because of the current travel restrictions and regulations imposed to hinder the spread of the CoViD-19 epidemics, the meeting was held online.

The aim of the meeting was to give an update to all the members on the progress of the ActiveMatter network.

Currently 12 of the 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) have already been recruited and could started their project. During the meeting the ESRs had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the rest of the network and to present their research project.

The presentations of the ESRs have been uploaded on the Youtube channel of the ActiveMatter network and are available online.

Links to the individual presentations:
Liam Ruske, UOXF
Carolina van Baalen, ETH
Audrey Nsamela, ELVESYS
Danne van Roon, FC.ID
Chun-Jen Chen, UKONS
Sandrine Heijnen, UCL
Jesús Manuel Antúnez Dominguez, ELVESYS
David Bronte Ciriza, CNR
Laura Natali, UGOT
Ayten Gülce Bayram, UBIL
Davide Breoni, UDUS
Jérémie Mar Bertrand, EPFL

(Screenshot by Caroline Beck Adiels)

(Screenshot by Giorgio Volpe)

(Screenshot by Giorgio Volpe)

(Screenshot by Agnese Callegari)

(Screenshot by Agnese Callegari)

Sandrine Heijnen joins the ActiveMatter ITN

Sandrine Heijnen started her PhD program in Physics at UCL as one of the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) of the ActiveMatter ITN.

Her work focuses on controlling and predicting the collective behaviour of active particles while being influenced by external stimuli.

She will conduct her research under the supervision of Prof. Giorgio Volpe and Prof. Phil Jones.