Ayten Gülce Bayram

Institution: Bilkent University

Position: PhD Student

Master Degree:  Chemical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Summary information:  I completed my BSc. in Chemical engineering at Hacettepe University (Turkey), and continued with MSc. degree in Chemical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (Italy). In the scope of MSc. degree, I carried out kinetic studies on the production of syngas from ethanol and formic acid. More specifically, I worked on catalytic partial oxidation and steam reforming processes. Currently I am a PhD student at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Bilkent University, where I joined the Fluid Frame research group.

Research interests:
My project aims to simulate disorder-order phase transitions, e.g. crystallization, of active colloidal. I will model the crystallization dynamics through a Lagrangian method for describing the fluid, i.e. the Multi-Particle Collision (MPC) dynamics. In this model, the fluid is seen as an ensemble of particles of the same scale of the colloids dispersed in the crystallizing suspension. Particularly, MPC is suitable for modelling active colloidal suspensions when the hydrodynamic effects cannot be neglected.

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