The ActiveMatter project leads to a startup creation: Inside Therapeutics

Audrey Nsamela, co-founder of InsideTx, applied her research to nanomedicine formulation with microfluidics. (Image from InsideTx.)
Leveraging the work of Audrey Nsamela during the Active Matter project, a new company named Inside Therapeutics (Inside Tx) has been created.

Inside Therapeutics aims to provide innovative nanoparticle manufacturing platforms to help with the novel generation of RNA-LNP therapeutics development. Based on innovative microfluidic technology developed during the Active Matter project, this novel platform will help unlock the main sticking points of the current RNA-LNP drug development process including:

  • The synthesis of very low volumes during for the drug discovery (or screening) phase.
  • Ensuring a seamless scalability of the RNA-LNP manufacturing.
  • Allowing for continuous production of high quality nanoparticles.

It opens up new perspectives for research and industrial applications were lipid or polymeric-based nanoparticles are required.

Feel free to reach out to Audrey at should you have any questions!

Logo of Inside Therapeutics. (Image from InsideTx.)