Liam Ruske

Institution: University of Oxford

Position: PhD Student

Master Degree: Theoretical Physics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Summary information:
I am currently doing a DPhil in Theoretical Physics about emergent phenomena in non-equilibrium, active matter systems in Julia Yeomans’ group. Previously I studied MSc Theoretical Physics at the University of Edinburgh. In my master thesis I investigated different mechanisms of stem cell differentiation. My academic trajectory initially started in Heidelberg, where I studied BSc Physics and worked on the stochastic dynamics of cell adhesions.

Research interests:
My work focuses on the non-equilibrium dynamics of active fluids and interfaces. We use a hydrodynamic theory of nematic liquid crystals to understand the dynamics of many biological systems, such as emerging flows in the cell cortex or the organisation and morphology of cell colonies and cell aggregates. Besides the biological relevance, our research is also of interest for microfluidics and the design of micro-machines.

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