Jesús Manuel Antúnez Domínguez

Institution: Elvesys

Position: PhD Student (enrolled at the PhD program of University of Gothenburg)

Master Degree:  Double Degree in Physics and Materials Engineering, University of Seville, Spain

Summary information:  I come from the south of Spain, where I studied both Physics and Materials Engineering in the University of Seville. During my thesis, I came across the fascinating field of Chemical Engineering and focused my research in the development of environmentally friendly emulsions. Then, I did a traineeship in the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Geel to collaborate in the validation of a centrifugal liquid sedimentation method for the analysis of nanoparticles.

Research interests:  My research interests include physical chemistry, nanotechnology, microfluidics and their limits with other fields. In my project, I will focus on the latter, to characterize active matter in micro-chambers.

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