Carolina presents at the ISMC Poznań on the 23rd of September 2022

Trajectory of a microswimmer swimming inside an colloidal array (white dots) in the presence of 9% fuel. The trajectories are collor-coded according to the distance between the microswimmer and its nearest neighbour.(Image by C. van Baalen.)
On the 23rd of September Carolina will present her work on microswimmers in colloidal arrays at the ISMC in Poznań, Poland. In her talk, titled “Confounding Interactions with Obstacles: How Colloidal Lattices Steer the Dynamics of Catalytic Microswimmers“, she will show how colloidal lattices self-assembled at a fluid-fluid interface can steer the dynamics of catalytic microswimmers hovering along the interface.

Carolina van Baalen presents her PhD project at the ActiveMatter online meeting, 10 September 2020

On September the 10th the first meeting between all ESRs and PIs in our network took place. During this meeting Carolina van Baalen, ESR from ETH Zurich, presented herself and her project by means of a short video. Curious what her work looks like as a first year doctoral student in Active Matter? Have a look at her video, in which she will give you a glimpse of her research on active colloids at liquid interfaces!

Carolina van Baalen, ESR from ETH Zurich, presents herself and her work on active colloids at liquid interfaces.