Jérémie Marc Bertrand

Institution: EPFL

Position: PhD Student

Master Degree:  Physics, at both the Université Paris-Saclay, France and National University of Singapore.

Summary information:
I am currently doing a PhD in Computational and Theoretical Physics on the mechanisms of self-propulsion of artificial nano-swimmers in Ignacio Pagonabarraga’s group at CECAM. Before joining EPFL, I studied at Paris-Sud University where I graduated in theoretical physics. My Master’s degree is from both Paris Saclay and National University of Singapore, and my studies focused on Condensed Matter and the quantitative study of biological systems.

Research interests:
I am interested in using the quantitative tools provided by Statistical Physics and Hydrodynamics to understand the mechanisms and functions of biological processes. During my Master’s, I worked on such processes in the context of neural coding and implemented networks of neurons that learn and organise themselves in response to stimuli, similarly to the way a child learns to recognise shapes. During my PhD, I will study different processes of organisation, namely the mechanisms and scaling properties of artificial nano-swimmers that navigate using phoretic self-propulsion.

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