Chun-Jen Chen attended the “Mobility, self-organization and swimming strategies” school, 18-29 October 2021

The school brought about a new collaboration on a simulation project with Vicsek-like model in complex environment (an example in upper with swimmers in black arrows showing their orientations), e.g. a turbulent flow (heatmap in upper panel), considered microswimmers that try to align to neighbors in a spatially-correlated noise (cartoon in lower). (Image by C-J Chen.)
From the 18th to the 29th of October 2021, Chun-Jen and two of his colleagues working on programmable active Janus colloids participated in the The 1st UCA FOX, UCA Fall program on Complex Systems 2021 “Mobility, self-organization and swimming strategies” hosted by Université Côte d’Azur in Nice and Fréjus.

The school was focused on three main topics: Swimming into complex environment – micro-swimming, Collective motion, and Machine learning applied to active particles, and covered a wide range of models regarding chemical and biological microswimmers.

The school was organised in lecture sections and project sessions for participants to collaborate in groups, in which PhD students and post-doctoral researchers could develop a research project in one of the three main topics of the school. Chun-Jen was involved in a simulation project on a Vicsek-like model in complex environment which is still ongoing.