Ojus Satish Bagal

Institution: University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Position: PhD Student

Master Degree:  Nanoscience and Technology, India

Summary information: I am from India currently doing a PhD at Roberto di Leonardo group, University of Rome. I studied M.Sc. in Nanoscience and Bio-mimetic engineering from India and South Korea in 2019. My Master’s Thesis was on ‘Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy on Cesium and Rubidium species for double Magneto-optical trap’. My interest in soft condensed matter and active matter systems piqued during my internship at ESPCI Paris on the topic ‘Evolutionary dynamics in a controlled artificial self-replicating system’.

Research interests:
My research interests include Active matter systems, Artificial biological systems and light-matter interactions. For my PhD Project, I will be working on Light driven Bio-Hybrid Micromachines.

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