David’s secondment at UCL

David (right) discussing the results with Phil Jones (left). (Photos provided by D. Bronte Ciriza)
Between the 11th of the January and the 14th of April David visited UCL to work together with Giorgio Volpe and Phil Jones. During this time in London he studied elongated active particles in complex optical fields, finding some interesting properties that still need to be further understood. Getting to know other people working with soft and active matter gave rise to new ideas and inspiration. More to come!

David visits the Soft Materials and Interfaces lab at ETH Zurich

Carolina (left) and David (right) in the micro 3D printing room. (Image by D. Bronte Ciriza.)
From the 11th to the 19th of December 2021, David Bronte Ciriza visited the Soft Materials and Interfaces lab at ETH Zurich. During this visit, David learnt different techniques to fabricate elongated microparticles, and together with  Carolina van Baalen produced the ones that will be tested under different optical landscapes in David’s secondment in UCL London. This visit has also served as an opportunity to meet other early stage researchers at ETH Zurich working in related topics, allowing to discuss different ideas in the fields of microfabrication, optical tweezers, and active matter.

Jesús Domínguez’s secondment at the University of Gothenburg

Jesus Manuel Antunez Dominguez during his secondment in the University of Gothenburg. Image by L. Natali.
Jesús Manuel Antúnez Domínguez visited the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) from the 27th of October to the 11th of November 2021 during a two weeks secondment.

The University of Gothenburg is the academic collaborator of his industrial PhD project at Elvesys (France). During the secondment, he could meet his academic supervisor Dr. Caroline Beck Adiels and the rest of her group, the Biological Physics Lab, but also, the Soft Matter Lab researchers who work closely with them. The secondment served to become familiar with the facilities available at the University and it was a great opportunity to participate in outreach activities and present the progress of his project to establish new collaborations for the research about Active Matter.