The Active Matter network has a new logo !

New ActiveMatter logos: color and BW version. (Image by ActiveMatter ESRs)
With a joint effort of the ESR students, a new logo for the ActiveMatter website was designed. The idea started as a handdrawing on a piece of paper and was quickly adapted to a better version with drawing softwares. More than 15 logos were suggested and submitted to a vote. The competition was fierce but we all came to agree on one of them and we are happy to present you the new official logo of the ITN ActiveMatter !

Press release on Machine learning can help slow down future pandemics

Comparison of different evolution regimes of disease spreading: free evolution (bottom left half) vs network strategy (top right half). Image by L. Natali.
The article Improving epidemic testing and containment strategies using machine learning has been featured in the News of the Faculty of Science of Gothenburg University.

Here the links to the press releases:
Swedish: Maskininlärning kan bidra till att bromsa framtida pandemier
English: Machine learning can help slow down future pandemics

ActiveMatter ITN has started!

The new MCSA-ITN-ETN ActiveMatter has started on September 1, 2019, for a duration of 48 months.

The Network focuses on experimental, computational and theoretical aspects of active matter.

The Network consists of 14 beneficiaries and 9 partners organisations, from 9 different countries of Europe and of the rest of the world.

15 ERS (Early Stage Researcher) positions, each of 36 months, will be financed by the action. Each position will be associated to a PhD program offered by institutions within the network.

All ERS positions will be announced on Euraxess.