Jesús Domínguez presents a poster at NanoBioTech in Montreux, Switzerland, 15-17 November 2021

The ESR Jesus Manuel Antunez Dominguez presenting his poster at the NanoBioTech Conference. Image by J. Domínguez.
Jesús Domínguez attended the NanoBioTech Conference in Montreaux, Switzerland, 15-17th November 2021.
He presented the poster “A microfluidic platform for the study of bacterial biofilms” showing his advances in the development of a droplet-based microfluidic platform for in situ observation of bacterial behavior and biofilms.

The NanoBioTech Conference brings together international researchers in the fields of Micro- and Nanotechnology and its applications in Biology and Medicine.

Apart from the featured talks and presentations on related topics and techniques of interest, Jesus benefited from the direct contact with international researchers, that promoted an exchange of ideas and opens the door for possible future collaborations.

Laura Natali and Jesús Domínguez participate in the Ämnets dag at the University of Gothenburg

Presentation of Laura Natali and Jesús Domínguez at the Ämnets dag. Image by L. Natali and J. Domínguez.
On Tuesday 2 November 2021 the Ämnets dag took place at the university of Gothenburg.

At the Ämnets dag, different high-school teachers of physics and science were given the chance to attend different workshops dealing with lines of research inside the Physics department. Laura Natali and Jesus Manuel Antunez Dominguez joined the initiative and prepared an introductory class to simulations modelling active matter.

The workshop addressed the basic aspects of active matter and some examples of its relevant applications nowadays. Overall, the focus of the workshop was to bring closer some of the main characteristics of active matter through interactive simulations that give a qualitative idea of active behaviour and the effect of different parameters on it.

Stay tuned for more activities like this!

Jesus Manuel Antunez Dominguez's presentation at Ämnets dag.
Jesus Manuel Antunez Dominguez’s presentation at Ämnets dag. Image by L. Natali.
Laura Natali's presentation at Ämnets dag.
Laura Natali’s presentation at Ämnets dag. Image by L. Natali.

Jesús Domínguez’s secondment at the University of Gothenburg

Jesus Manuel Antunez Dominguez during his secondment in the University of Gothenburg. Image by L. Natali.
Jesús Manuel Antúnez Domínguez visited the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) from the 27th of October to the 11th of November 2021 during a two weeks secondment.

The University of Gothenburg is the academic collaborator of his industrial PhD project at Elvesys (France). During the secondment, he could meet his academic supervisor Dr. Caroline Beck Adiels and the rest of her group, the Biological Physics Lab, but also, the Soft Matter Lab researchers who work closely with them. The secondment served to become familiar with the facilities available at the University and it was a great opportunity to participate in outreach activities and present the progress of his project to establish new collaborations for the research about Active Matter.

Round Table Discussion on Theoretical Aspects of Collective Behaviour

A screenshot taken during the round table discussion of 9 September 2021.

Today the second round table of the Initial Training on Theoretical Methods took place, entitled “Theoretical aspects of collective behavior”. The round table was hosted by ESRs David, Jesus, Ojus, Carolina, Alireza, Dana, and Umar. The inspiring group of speakers included Margarida Telo da Gama, Fernando Peruani, Nicoletta Gnan, and Claudio Maggi.

Many matters were discussed, ranging from the limits of collective behavior and the role of communication in emergence, to the compatibility between experiments and theory of collective behavior. Examples can be found in both natural and artificial environments, even combinations with varying degrees of active motion. This adds to the challenge of defining valuable, even if not accurate, models. At the core, collective behavior highlights how the system can be much more than just the sum of individual entities.

Round Table Discussion on: Optics, Spectroscopy, Micro and Nanofabrication, and Nanotribology

On Tuesday 23 March the fourth round table of the initial training on experimental methods for active matter took place. The topic of the round table was “Optics, Spectroscopy, Micro and Nanofabrication, and Nanotribology”, and the discussion was led by Ayten Gülce Bayram , David Bronte Ciriza, Dana Hassan, Carolina van Baalen and Jesús Manuel Antúnez Domínguez.
The panelists included Maria Grazia Donato, Pietro Gucciardi, Antonino Foti, Shivaprakash Ramakrishna, and Felix Holzner.

The importance of the topic of the round table to the field of active matter was motivated by the panelists from different perspectives. The discussion ranged from the main differences and challenges that come along with working on the micro- and nanoscale, to how changing the dimensions of your system allows one to change the properties of a system’s response, as well as the challenges involved in bringing a product idea to the market. The main conclusion was that the nanoscale is exciting, but the smaller you get, the greater the challenge.

Jesús Manuel Antunez Dominguez presents her PhD project at the ActiveMatter online meeting, 10 September 2020

The first meeting of the Active Matter ITN consortium, including ESRs and PIs, took place virtually on the 10th September. Each ActiveMatter project was briefly introduced through a video presentation. Here you can find the video presentation by Jesús Manuel, a PhD student at Elvesys in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg. This project merges industrial and academic research in order to unveil complex systems like soil through microfluidics.