Jesús Domínguez presents a poster at NanoBioTech in Montreux, Switzerland, 15-17 November 2021

The ESR Jesus Manuel Antunez Dominguez presenting his poster at the NanoBioTech Conference. Image by J. Domínguez.
Jesús Domínguez attended the NanoBioTech Conference in Montreaux, Switzerland, 15-17th November 2021.
He presented the poster “A microfluidic platform for the study of bacterial biofilms” showing his advances in the development of a droplet-based microfluidic platform for in situ observation of bacterial behavior and biofilms.

The NanoBioTech Conference brings together international researchers in the fields of Micro- and Nanotechnology and its applications in Biology and Medicine.

Apart from the featured talks and presentations on related topics and techniques of interest, Jesus benefited from the direct contact with international researchers, that promoted an exchange of ideas and opens the door for possible future collaborations.

Talk by Chun-Jen Chen at Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 21 January 2022

This talk focused on the social collective response of a group of active particles to a threat, demonstrated in the figure above (the threat appeared at t = 0s). (Image by C-J Chen.)
On the 21st of January 2022, Chun-Jen gave a talk at Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica (Taipei, Taiwan) with title “Collective response of microrobotic swarms to external threats”. Chun-Jen shared and discussed about his most recent scientific work, which involves active Janus colloids and animal collective behaviours, with researchers and students of several fields, including biophysics, soft-matter, and surface/nano science.

David’s secondment at UCL

David (right) discussing the results with Phil Jones (left). (Photos provided by D. Bronte Ciriza)
Between the 11th of the January and the 14th of April David visited UCL to work together with Giorgio Volpe and Phil Jones. During this time in London he studied elongated active particles in complex optical fields, finding some interesting properties that still need to be further understood. Getting to know other people working with soft and active matter gave rise to new ideas and inspiration. More to come!